Looking at this picture, makes my heart blissful. This picture denotes the very essence of Rama rajya and the inner meaning of dharma.
Ramo vigrahavan dharmaha.

There are individuals who are human faced, monkey faced, lion faced, donkey faced, parrot faced, rakshasas, asuras, rishis, deva, the most strongest (both physically and wisdom) of beings sitting at the feet as a humble servant, people worthy of being kings ready to serve, people who can’t leave their egos showing off etc, all coming together harmoniously with each other to be with Rama.

Lord Rama as their leader, mentor, guide showing no difference based on any of these superficial attributes but having equanimity understanding the different nature and needs of each in their current form and ensuring all having good time and harmony living together and proceed in each of their journeys of realization and blissful living.

Ramimpa cheyunadi Aa Rama namamu

Rama namamu Rama namamu
Ramya mainadi Rama namamu
Roma romamu Roma romamu
Nindi unnadi rama namamu

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