Sigh. Data and Statistics….. the boon and bane of the modern world.

These days we keep finding lot of statistics being thrown around

on professional networking sites and media on several issues ranging from personal health and skills to national progress.

Ultimately it all gets down to the wisdom of the person interpreting the data. Ability to discern the good data from bad/noise makes the difference.

As often stated, ” Statistics are like a bikini. what they reveal is suggestive but what they conceal is vital” ☺️.

If only data could drive all the decisions, there would not have been successful and failed businesses or right and wrong decisions in general.

Intelligence, Intuition and Insights that derive from the wisdom are what differentiates the best from worst users of data.

Wisdom let’s you understand the data based on source, quality, methodology, intent among others.

Trouble is Wisdom is not just an acquired degree from a top university.

Statistics fortunately or unfortunately becomes lot more important for the future generations. The new world will rely more and more on the data-driven AI and expert systems for the personal, business and societal improvements.

Aren’t the winners who can differentiate between information from insights and wisdom?

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