Personal blog of Venky Rao aka Venkateshwar Rao Kovuru, a forever young soul living in this physical body for the past 48 years.

Venky is a technologist, global executive, avid reader, passionate traveler and a contemplative mind.

His blissful journeys in search of truth intertwine experiences with science, technology, society, culture and philosophy.

At the age of 20, completed Masters in Technology from IIT Kharagpur in India and worked in USA and India.

Worked for the past 28 years in various capacities starting as a Software Engineer in Artificial Intelligence and Mobile computing in 1990s to more recently as Chief Strategy and Executive Officer.

Traveled around India and world. Thiruvananthapuram and Rameswaram in south ; Kashmir and Kedarnath in north ; Amritsar and Mumbai in west ; Puri and Kolkata in east. Also had an opportunity to travel around the world from Fukuoka to San Francisco and Sydney to London.

Had an opportunity to fly a Cessna (view on the top), do sea walk (look in the deep sea) and trek in Himalayas (wander in the wild heights).

Had the opportunity to interact with some of the world’s best thinkers, spiritual and business leaders.

Attended World Economic Forum i100 leaders meeting. Contributing author of a book on the Future of Innovation.

Visited some of the best schools / universities around the world to interact and exchange views with students and professors.

Bitten by the entrepreneurial bug and learned to succeed fast and fail cheap.

Included in Global Knowledge Leadership Map, and Continental Who’s Who.

Received awards, scholarships and roll-of-honor from the alma mater and professional bodies.

Received fair share of business success and fancy CxO titles in global corporations.

Exposed to diverse philosophical, spiritual, religious and social works including patriotic and Indian freedom stories from his grand mother as a child.

Worked as a youth volunteer for social service at Satya Sai Prashanthi Nilayam in India.

His quest to find the truth has continuously increased over the years and this forum is one of those outlets.

Many of the pictures are taken from Google Images and courtesy of their respective owners.

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