Nature’s Fury

nature’s fury…

it is tough to handle when people mess too much with it.

No personal wealth, health or the nations GDP, economy, borders and military can save.

It knows no boundaries and has no partiality towards any social status, region, religion, caste, creed, gender and other..

It respects no political boundaries and doesn’t need to be politically correct.

Too much credence we give to the human progress (scientific or social) is an eyewash when the nature is furious and it will do what it does…

All it takes is one invisible new virus and/or microorganism to shake the entire humanity around the world rendering the entire social and scientific leadership helpless..

Times like this perhaps are a reminder to spend sometime going beyond physical sciences and understand the metaphysics and the philosophy of nature and our existence..


The plastic and styrofoam trash at the restaurants is a man made problem that should be addressable.

If we created the mess, we should be able to get out of it, atleast we hope.

In the name of progress, many times our civilization created short term band-aid solutions. We later understand that they are more messier than the problems they were supposed to address, if any.

Iam sure the better sense will prevail in the society and we realize some simpler solutions used earlier were better and we re”search” and innovate again 😅

The mother earth must be laughing. She has seen many civilization in its history over millennia biting to dust when the so-called progress was not inline with the greater good.

Its a cycle and we will also either get out of this junk pile or the mother knows how to discipline its children.

Fearlessness and Decision making – part 1

Fearlessness and decision making are part of a closed loop system feeding eachother.

Fear is a natural feature built into all the species to manage risk. Managing that fear for the best next course of action aka “decision making” is what most of the personality, leadership development that we develop over time.

Each of us make decisions all the time in our daily lives.

Postponing a decision aka “procrastination” is also a decision based on the circumstantial evidence and considered to be best course of action at that time.

Sometimes delayed decisions can lead to catastrophe similar to hasty decisions.

We need to strike that correct “balance” in this decision making. It seems even more important when it impacts larger good beyond self; e.g. teams, organisation, society and countries..

Several ways we continue to learn and enhance these as we journey along..

Few things that help us in this journey include

  • personal development like yoga
  • having a good set of advisors and boards

Some of these enhance our ability to deal with the two important things – fearlessness and decision making.

More details in the next post..

please share your thoughts as well..

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Artificial General Intelligence

With the current basis of our science and technology, Artificial Intelligence in any foreseeable time will only address the augmented and narrow intelligence aspect.

We will further enhance the capability of human sensory power for the regular and challenged of the world. And enhance value in niche areas. This may also be the best use of the current state of AI work in the world.

For the true Artificial General Intelligence, the roots are to be found in Philosophy, Spiritual Sciences. Most likely in ancient scriptures of wisdom. It needs for us in this generation of scientists and technologists to shed the false ego and study those scriptures keeping aside the religious and cultural affiliations.

We haven’t even fully cracked the nature vs nurture puzzle. Genetic knowledge, Morals, Ethics,Reinforced learning, expert systems incl parents to teachers to life in general…

In my humble opinion, Artificial General Intelligence is not just another technological problem to solve but its about understanding human and leads to/by wisdom. It is not going to happen anytime soon with the current direction.

AGI is the ultimate pursuit but i believe the world will explore and benefit more from augmented / narrow intelligence in the next few decades.

History -vs- ‘His’story

Today i received a message extolling the virtues of Punjab and as a tribute to its great son, Maharaja Ranjit Singh on his birthday (13th Nov 1780). Maharaja Ranjit Singh is certainly one of the great sons of this Karma Bhoomi called Bharat. The thing that irked me in the message was a reference to how king Porus of Punjab dared to stop Sikander in his world conquest. It was mainly about the use of the words Sikander and Porus, since both are

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ఆచార్య దినోత్సవ శుభాకాంక్షలు

సనాతన ధర్మాచరణలో ముఖ్యమయినది కర్మానుష్టానము.

ఈ కర్మానుష్టానమునకు ఉపకరణము దశేంద్రియ మనోబుద్ధ్యహంకారచిత్తమైన భౌతికకాయము.

దీనికి సంస్కరణపరులు మాతాపితృలు, ఆచార్యులు, బంధువులు, సన్నిహితులు, అతిథులు.

వీరంతా సదా మాననీయులు.


తైత్తిరీయ ఉపనిషత్తులో చెప్పినట్లు

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Hit Refresh

My in-laws were moving to another home. I enquired with my mother-in-law about the progress of the packing. She said it is pretty much done since a lot of junk that got piled up over the years has been discarded. She was happy that the moving process helped them clear unnecessary junk that got piled up over the years.

Isn’t it the same with our lives in general as well?

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The journey

Recently in a discussion with friends, it was observed that many in software engineering and other professionals are posting and talking about philosophy and spirituality (not necessarily religion).

For the past few years as I study deeper into software engineering, science, technology, life sciences and society i noticed that there is no difference between these topics and spirituality.

In fact all of them were nothing but different aspects of the same study. Personally it was rather easy for me to understand and relate to the topics if I understood the essence, the common sense thread.

It is like “reaching the point where all roads end from where all roads began”.

In pursuit of..

Whether it’s Mumbai, Shanghai, New York, Dhaka, Tokyo or any big city in the world, people are always in-hurry and on-the-run to make a living.

The amount of crowd or the commuting mode might change, but the crowded thoughts and mad rush inside each person’s head is perhaps similar.

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Indian design elements

Traditional indian design is more driven by nature and using harmony. We typically find it manifest in both form and function aspects of the designs.

For example, traditional indian architectural design methodology “vastu shastra” uses natural forces in design. Indian women wear “sari” uses natural motifs.

Symmetry and cyclical design elements also are dominant in indian design perhaps driven by its deep spiritual and philosophical background weaved into most of the life choices in traditional India.

Nature, symmetry, cyclical, fractal, harmony are the themes that come to my mind.

Most of the modern day scientists are humble enough to accept that they have barely scratched the surface. But, egoistic enough to disagree that some of the ancient philosophers had made better progress and cracked the code for the universe and humanity better. – Venky Rao

కర్మ ఫలం

ఈ జీవితమంతా కర్మ ఫలమే. కర్మానుసారమే మన చుట్టూ ఉన్న ఈ జగత్తు అనే భవబంధనాలు.

మన ఆత్మ తన నిరంతర యాత్రలో నిజస్వభావాన్ని తెలుసుకోవడానికి ధరించిన ఈనాటి వస్త్రమే ఈ దేహం.

ప్రస్తుత పరిస్థితుల్లో కర్మానుష్టానమునకు అవసరమైన రీతిలో జన్యురూపమైన ఈనాటి దేహం రూపొందించబడింది.

ఈ శరీరముతో పాటుగా మనకు లభించినవే ఇంటి పేరు అయినా, వంటి ధారుఢ్యమైనా.

అశాశ్వతమైన ఆస్తులు, సుఖదుఃఖాలు, శత్రుమిత్రులు, సంబంధబాంధవ్యాలు, మానావమానాలు అన్నీ కర్మఫలమే.

ఇవన్నీ కర్మానుష్టానము కోసం ఆత్మ ఏర్పాటు చేసికొన్న పనిముట్లు మాత్రమే.

ఈ యాత్ర ముగిసిన వెంటనే ఇవన్నీ వదలాల్సినవే.

మన కర్మానుభవమునకు అనుగుణంగా అవసరం ఉన్న విధంగా ‘మాయ’ మన చుట్టూ ఈ జగత్తు రూపేణ ఆవరించి ఉంది.

భక్తి, జ్ఞాన, కర్మ, వైరాగ్య, రాజ యోగములు మన ఈ జీవన యాత్ర మార్గాలు.

– కోవూరు వెంకటేశ్వర్ రావు


मुझ पे ये एह्सान क‍रो
म‍त पूछो ह‍म क्या है मेरे दोस्त

ह‍म तो ब‍ने ब‍न्जारा
खुदा के त‍लाश मे

ज‍ब मिले खुदा ह‍म से
वो तो आयिने मे छ‍वि निक‍ले

– वेन्क‍टेस्व‍र‍ राव कोवुरु

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