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My in-laws were moving to another home. I enquired with my mother-in-law about the progress of the packing. She said it is pretty much done since a lot of junk that got piled up over the years has been discarded. She was happy that the moving process helped them clear unnecessary junk that got piled up over the years.

Isn’t it the same with our lives in general as well?

When we join a new organisation, initially we go in with very good excitement to meet with new people and be part of new culture etc. As times progress, we start accumulating a lot of excess baggage including office politics etc. After sometime the same job may not look exciting anymore.

When we switch to a new job, we let go all that excess baggage and hit refresh. The cycle starts with the fresh feeling once again. Whether switching the organisation or even taking some time-off to hit refresh always helps. The choice between time-off or moving out obviously depends on how bad the excess baggage got piled up over time in that job.

I was logically extending the thought further to ecology. Wouldn’t nature be thinking of the same thing. The natural death of different species including humans is a way of refreshing its excess baggage.

Then extending the thought further to spirituality. May be each of our soul needs to hit refresh as well once-in-a-while.

As the soul occupies the new body, initially it is all in good spirit. As it progresses, it starts accumulating a lot of excess baggage both physically and mentally.

Thats why we all need some time off from everyday routines to refresh and get rid off the junk. But when that excess baggage is too much, the final natural death is perhaps Soul’s way of ‘hit refresh’ so that it can discard all the junk. It will be then ready to move to a newer home(body) with reinvigorated energy.

The trick in each of the cases (work, ecology or spiritual) is to be able to work and live collecting as less junk as possible. The lesser the excess baggage, the longer we can enjoy that fresh experience.

Interestingly Indian mythology has a lot of Vedic Rishis with very long lifespans doing their work extending to multiple centuries/millenia while many of the kings and others around them have had lifespans normal in those times. While this baffles a lot of people today, may be the key for those Rishis blissful long life is that they were able to live without any unnecessary excess baggage.

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  1. Hi Venky,
    I read this as I mourn my father’s sad demise a few days ago. It makes me reflect – he had accumulated quite some excess baggage, indeed. He was balancing his life on a thin wire – taking innumerable medications for ailments ranging from hypertension to constipation and was visibly fed up with it. Although I grieve the loss of his physical presence, I feel happy that he has dropped this luggage and moved on to make a fresh start somewhere, baggage-free! Thank you for this enlightening article.
    – Sreenivasa Chary


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