A person climbed up a mountain and found a hermit meditating there.

Person asked: “What are you doing here alone in such a solitude place?”

Hermit replied: “I have lots of work !”

“And how can you have so much work?
I don’t see anything around you here…?”

“I have to train two Hawks and two Eagles , assure two Rabbits , discipline one Snake , motivate a Donkey and tame a Lion …..”

“And, where have they gone that I don’t see them?”

“I have them all inside here within me…!!

  • The Hawks stare on everything, good or bad. I have to work on them to see only good things. They are my Eyes.
  • The two Eagles with their claws hurt and destroy. I have to train them not to hurt others. They are my hands.
  • Rabbits want to go where they want but do not want to face difficult situations. I have to teach them to be calm even if there is suffering or stumbling.  They are my feet.
  • The Donkey is always tired, stubborn and does not want to carry the load each time I walk. That is my body.
  • The most difficult to tame is the Snake. Although it is locked in a strong cage with 32 bars, it is always ready to sting, bite and poison anyone nearby. I have to discipline it…  That’s my tongue.
  • I also have One Lion.  Oh … how proud, vain, he thinks that he is the king. I have to tame him. And that’s my EGO.

So you see, my friend, I have  lots of work….. “

for all who are at home during this lock down and no home/school/office work to do.. we may still actually have a lot to work upon…

Nature’s Fury

nature’s fury…

it is tough to handle when people mess too much with it.

No personal wealth, health or the nations GDP, economy, borders and military can save.

It knows no boundaries and has no partiality towards any social status, region, religion, caste, creed, gender and other..

It respects no political boundaries and doesn’t need to be politically correct.

Too much credence we give to the human progress (scientific or social) is an eyewash when the nature is furious and it will do what it does…

All it takes is one invisible new virus and/or microorganism to shake the entire humanity around the world rendering the entire social and scientific leadership helpless..

Times like this perhaps are a reminder to spend sometime going beyond physical sciences and understand the metaphysics and the philosophy of nature and our existence..

కొన్ని రోజుల క్రితం ఒక వేద గోష్టి లో పాల్గొన్నాను.

ఒకరు గురుతుల్యులు నా వద్దకు వచ్చి, “నాయనా వెంకటేశ్వర రావూ..నిన్ను చూస్తే ముచ్చటగా ఉంది. నువ్వు త్వరలోనే ఈ సమాజంలో పట్టిన బూజు దులుపుతావు” అన్నారు.

నేను “స్వామీ, అది నా కర్మ అయితే తప్పని సరిగా ఆచరిస్తాను. అలాగే నా తక్షణ కర్తవ్యం కూడా సెలవివ్వండి” అని అడిగాను.

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Crime,. Policing and suggestions for improvement – part 2

We also as society needs to evolve. Media, social service organisations and civic leaders all have to play a role in this.

Everytime such incidents happen‌, unfortunately populist focus is more on punishment of culprits alone. Punishment is very much needed but it is only reactionary and doesn’t address the real issue.

Even if unfortunate, the public outpouring of sentiment at such times of crime should be funneled to shake the 3 wings (legislative, executive and judiciary) from lethargy for taking some proactive measures.

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Crime, Policing and a few suggestions for improvement

Deeply saddened with yesterday’s rape and murder incident of a young doctor in Hyderabad. Police should certainly focus on nabbing the culprits and taking them to court to give them the most appropriate punishment for criminals of such a henious crime.

Unfortunately the punishment, candle light marches, introduction of additional legal laws alone will not necessarily stop the next incident to happen.

Nirbhaya incident in Delhi a few years ago and all the activities afterwards didn’t stop yet another similar incident by another set of young, drunk, illiterate truck drivers.

We need to address the root cause and not just the immediate postmartem and focusing on very similar activities. Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result is insanity.

I think there should be some crowd sourcing of ideas on this topic and then create a focused group of experts for implementation to address the root cause.

Some of my quick thoughts in my blog here as well as series of tweets this morning.

Iam sure there are many other good ideas, please share yours as well.

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