Not everything that comes out of science labs is the right thing in the long run.

Specially in case of food and healthcare, which directly impact the human and ecological wellbeing, long term effects have to be understood.

Unfortunately short-term business benefits are driving the introduction of half baked ideas into markets under the guise of “scientific progress”.

Introduction of new chemicals whether for crops or humans without a wholesome study is a fundamental cause of several health and ecological problems in the world today.

Introduction of new food types (like insects under the guise of protein needs) to a population whose genetic makeup may not be suitable (questionable studies of long term effects) is just another example.

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My in-laws are moving to another home this week. This morning i enquired with my mother-in-law about the progress of the packing. She said it is pretty much done since a lot of junk that got piled up over the years has been discarded now. She was happy that the moving process helped them clear unnecessary junk that got piled up over the years.

It got me thinking. Isn’t it the same with our lives in general as well?

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Concept of Age

This last weekend Sharadakka (my cousin sister) and Prahlad bava/mama(story behind two relations for another day😀) visited us.

While chatting on several topics, the discussion moved to the Lord Padmanabha swamy’s picture in our living room.

The picture of Lord Padmanabha is always a blissful sight for me for several reasons. One of it is that it shows all three of the Hindu holy trinity (Brahma, Vishnu and Maheswara) in one frame depicting ‘oneness’.

Our discussion steered towards ‘old age’ and related issues. All the while my mind was contemplating on that picture of Vishnu(the omnipresent) in the form of Padmanabha.

The picture was divine with young resplendent Vishnu in a reclining yoganidra(cosmic sleep) posture on adisesha(the snake). Brahma sitting in a lotus that sprang forth from the navel of Vishnu. Maheswara is present in his linga form.

Vishnu is shown as young while his ‘son’ Brahma is shown as an old man. Is it a contradiction?

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Ah.. Statistics.. Statistics.. and damn Statistics..

This morning i open the newspaper in India only to find another one of those damn statistical reports covering

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At the time Internal Combustion engine was invented about a century ago, there was a good use of electric cars. It is interesting to note that about 1/3 of all cars (though a small number) sold in USA were supposedly electric.

But Mr. Benz and Mr. Ford shaped the automobile industry with gasoline powered IC engines, and it all changed since then. In the past century automobile has become an essential daily use machine. But now people love to hate its technology because of pollution, choice of fuel among others.

Now a century later, we have come a full circle.

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Recently in a discussion with friends, it was observed that many in software engineering and other professionals are posting and talking about philosophy and spirituality (not necessarily religion).

For the past few years as I study deeper into software engineering, science, technology, life sciences and society i noticed that there is no difference between these topics and spirituality.

In fact all of them were nothing but different aspects of the same study. Personally it was rather easy for me to understand and relate to the topics if I understood the essence, the common sense thread.

It is like “reaching the point where all roads end from where all roads began”.

Buildings typically have huge windows and damn we need maximum electricity to cool the rooms when sun is banging on those window panels.

‘Energy’ is something that our science got it wrong whether it is about powering our automobiles or homes and offices in general.

We are noticing the shortcomings and effects of our technology. And we need to change faster. It is going to be a difficult journey given the legacy of the current technology.

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