Today, there was a healthy discussion amongst some friends about the character of rich and poor. This got triggered by an elon musk(supposedly) quote about his perspective on rich and poor.

Shared my thoughts on the topic as well for people to look at it another perspective..


Interestingly in today’s world, rich and poor has become synonymous with a person’s bank(stock 😂) balance.

Rich and poor also can have many other dimensions?

One can be money rich but happiness wise poor and vice versa.

Also one can be knowledge rich and money poor and vice versa.

Knowledge itself has so many dimensions in itself. It can be spiritual, it can be traditional..a tribal woman having knowledge of herbs to help her society of health calamities is also equally rich with her knowledge.

Obviously since everything we count these days based on material purchasing power and bank balances, none of these other people considered rich.

Everyone is forced these days to pursue the exact same RICHNESS in the world. and hence society lacking good harmony amongst its citizen and driving up dissatisfaction levels.

Ultimately much of it is personal. None of the billionaires from two last millenium exist today and so will none of this generation in future.

The character of a person cannot be decided by the pocession of wealth, whether it’s material or otherwise. 🙏

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