Holy Day

Today is the ekadashi (11th day) in the month of Ashada ( name of the month in the sanatana bharata varsha calendar). It is considered as holy by many people living in this holy land of India (Jambu dweepe, bharata varshe bharata khande).

Apart from the religious significance associated, it is also interesting to understand that many of these holy days of India are not just of simple religious importance.

These holy days observed signify a lot more dimensions – material, social, religious, and higher spiritual pursuits.

They align with local weather patterns, environment, being concious of personal health needs, avoid seasonal disease associated with the changing weather conditions etc. There is a significant scientific basis for each of these holy days which are observed in this bharata varsha. Ofcourse they are important for religious and spiritual pursuits as well.

Maslow hierarchy of needs informs us of how a human being progress from satisfying the basic phisiological needs to that of self actualization. Much earlier human sciences of Patanjali ashtanga yoga is another example of satisfying physical needs (yama, niyama, asana) progressing towards the self actualization(dharana, dhyana, samaadhi).

The holy days that are observed in this land of Bharat is also satisfying aspects of human needs aligning both with prakriti(the environment in which we exist) and paramatma (the universal spirit who is present in each atom of this infinite cosmos as an inner dwelling antaryami).

The observance of the holy days of this land also teaches us about how to be one with the environment around us, appreciate it, adopt to it and reach oneness with it.

We don’t need different social activism to save environment if we can be one with the environment. By following these different holy days in accordance with the local customs that our ancestors with wisdom (in every part of the world) have suggested based on the local needs of that particular geography.

Understand to make sure why each geography of the world had its festivals and observance to be one with local nature. These holy days helped to be one with local environment, improve personal health and help reach a higher spiritual pursuit in their blissful journey in search of truth.

Today in India, devotees pray to Lord Vitthala , many fast for the day, many pray as deva sayana ekadasi, few start their observance of chaturmasa(holy life of 4 months). Each of these topics have a deeper meaning and require interest and study to understand and experience.

Yad bhavam tad bhavathi. Whats in your heart is what you experience. This journey is to understand our true self.

Wishing all a blissful day

Sarve jana sukhino bhavantu
Sarva Sanmangalani santhu
Samasta loka sukhino bhavantu

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