Today in one of my WhatsApp groups i noticed a passionate discussion on the definition of entrepreneurship and related topics.. I shared my two cents for this weekend discussion as below

Entrepreneur is basically someone who shows initiative and resourcefulness to set up a business or businesses, taking on financial risks with the aim to create value to stakeholders (profits, shareholder wealth or social benefit).

Entrepreneur, Intrapreneur, businessperson, social entrepreneur are all tweaks of the parameters mentioned above in terms of identity of stakeholders, kind of expected value creation etc..

As we all know, these terminology has been and continue to be debated till cows come home with different tweaks.

Atleast i have been part of such debates over the past couple of decades from World Economic Forum to Academic and Industry conferences in both US and India. These are good discussions for an academic research and writing books. The entrepreneur on the street is oblivious to such debates and busy creating value to the stakeholders

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