Workplace Transformation – 2

Future of workplaces are being redefined..

Another peice of excellent thought leadership on this topic.. this one is from Tracey Racette Fritcher, HCS of ServiceNow

Stay focused. Stay productive.. Stay tuned for innovation..

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Workplace Transformation – 1

It is here and now. Even as we read this message, the way we work is rapidly changing in a big way…

Changing the way we work, live, play and learn..This is the Vision statement of one of the best companies and the leadership team i had the opportunity to work for early on in my career.

The vision is now fast becoming a reality..

World is starting to realise and even expedite this change in the way we work, albeit pushed by an unfortunate pandemic situation.

We will have an innovative platform released soon to help  manage this change. The platform and solutions will not only improve employee and customer delight, but also better shareholder value and societal impact.

Joining our human spirit and the innovative platforms, together the world will come out of the current challenging situation in a much better way than it entered into it..

Stay focused.Stay productive..Stay Tuned for Innovation…
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Green Eyes, Brown Skin, Broad Nose.. Time to think outside the circles?

As a person who gives lot of importance in life to harmony, it is painful to hear  whats happening in USA.

I personally experienced the warmth that the great Indian monk, Swami Vivekananda famously said at a Chicago conference more than 100 years ago “brothers and sisters of america”. A land of freedom – life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

I always had beautiful experiences making friendships with people during my stay in USA.

The colour of the skin, eyes, hair or any other physical attribute neither hindered nor entered our minds.

I did hear about racism being a reality in some families, societies and suburban parts of the country in a subtle manner. But thanks to all my friends, co-workers, bosses and others that i fortunately never experienced it during my stay or travels around the country.

May be i was plain lucky, but i would like to think from the bottom of my heart that it is the norm. For me, there is no other reason to think otherwise based on my life experiences and also for the benefit of future generations.

USA is a nation that most of the world looks upto as a benchmark.

Many believe that, if only majority of their citizens are as educated as that of USA, then their countries would also be as developed, prosperous and advanced.

Such a great place is being burnt today by its own children. It is heart wrenching to see my brothers fighting with each other on the streets just because they happen to have different colored skins.

My heart feels brothers and sisters of this beautiful country would soon get the nation back on its rightful course.

Let’s overcome the challenge of looking at mere bodily differences as barriers of lives blissfully coming together.

The idea of race, gender, caste, creed, nationality are interesting..

Iam told that iam a brown indian hindu brahmin male. I wondered what it really meant.

When we think of it, there are multiple identities for human existence.

These set of identities start at the center with me, the individual.

Since i am born with a specific gender, it pushes me into a circle of gender identity. Also followed by a circle of racial identity. Both of which are not a personal choice but determined by the genetic makeup.

Then comes the circle of family, caste and creed identities at birth.

Then i have a circle of society and national identity based on my birth place and residence.

When extended further, it expands to the circle of humanity.

And finally, as per my personal belief, there is an identity with an all pervasive soul that combines the entire nature together as ONE.

In this manner, we are all made to associate with a few identity circles at different stages of our lives. 

Everytime we associate with these identities, we tend to become part of some exclusive circles.

Depending on which circle has the most influence at a given time and place, we become part of an either oppressive or victim group and are forced to express accordingly.

Some of these identities are very deep at genetic levels, may be for a purpose and destiny. Some of them are personal choices we exercise throughout our lives.

I am happy with my personal identity of both genetic and personal choices, but I don’t like to think of them as some exclusive circles that i need to be trapped into permanently.

Instead, i would love to see them as steps to create a beautiful staircase towards the identity of the universal spirit.

If i am anyway striving, let me strive for that union with the universal spirit bringing harmony with all circles and beyond.


Nature’s Fury

nature’s fury…

it is tough to handle when people mess too much with it.

No personal wealth, health or the nations GDP, economy, borders and military can save.

It knows no boundaries and has no partiality towards any social status, region, religion, caste, creed, gender and other..

It respects no political boundaries and doesn’t need to be politically correct.

Too much credence we give to the human progress (scientific or social) is an eyewash when the nature is furious and it will do what it does…

All it takes is one invisible new virus and/or microorganism to shake the entire humanity around the world rendering the entire social and scientific leadership helpless..

Times like this perhaps are a reminder to spend sometime going beyond physical sciences and understand the metaphysics and the philosophy of nature and our existence..

Crime,. Policing and suggestions for improvement – part 2

We also as society needs to evolve. Media, social service organisations and civic leaders all have to play a role in this.

Everytime such incidents happen‌, unfortunately populist focus is more on punishment of culprits alone. Punishment is very much needed but it is only reactionary and doesn’t address the real issue.

Even if unfortunate, the public outpouring of sentiment at such times of crime should be funneled to shake the 3 wings (legislative, executive and judiciary) from lethargy for taking some proactive measures.

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Crime, Policing and a few suggestions for improvement

Deeply saddened with yesterday’s rape and murder incident of a young doctor in Hyderabad. Police should certainly focus on nabbing the culprits and taking them to court to give them the most appropriate punishment for criminals of such a henious crime.

Unfortunately the punishment, candle light marches, introduction of additional legal laws alone will not necessarily stop the next incident to happen.

Nirbhaya incident in Delhi a few years ago and all the activities afterwards didn’t stop yet another similar incident by another set of young, drunk, illiterate truck drivers.

We need to address the root cause and not just the immediate postmartem and focusing on very similar activities. Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result is insanity.

I think there should be some crowd sourcing of ideas on this topic and then create a focused group of experts for implementation to address the root cause.

Some of my quick thoughts in my blog here as well as series of tweets this morning.

Iam sure there are many other good ideas, please share yours as well.

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