Understanding Consciousness

IMHO, the scientific world needs atleast few more decades to understand the concept of consciousness, intelligence, space research and life in the correct manner.

This advancement will come mainly with the help of

Indian philosophical studies which addressed these questions in a much more meaningful manner for a long time.

Unfortunately India was economically and socially in a downward journey for the past few centuries.

Hence some of these much better treatises from India lost the seat at the table of such intellectual dialogue.

Modern scientific community hasn’t given the kind of serious research mandate in this regard.

Hopefully with India once again gaining both intellectual mindshare and economic status in the world, the situation might change in the next few decades.

I hope and certain that there will be a resurgence of research using the philosophical treatises from India combined with the scientific advancements in USA that will change the trajectory of such research.

Hopefully we will get to some of these deeper answers soon.

– Venky Rao

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