Crime,. Policing and suggestions for improvement – part 2

We also as society needs to evolve. Media, social service organisations and civic leaders all have to play a role in this.

Everytime such incidents happen‌, unfortunately populist focus is more on punishment of culprits alone. Punishment is very much needed but it is only reactionary and doesn’t address the real issue.

Even if unfortunate, the public outpouring of sentiment at such times of crime should be funneled to shake the 3 wings (legislative, executive and judiciary) from lethargy for taking some proactive measures.

We should let the legal system punish the culprits appropriate as per law of the land. If required elected legislature should bring in new laws to reflect society needs. Amendment of laws to reflect society needs is a continuous process in any democracy.

Few people are talking about public lynching and public hanging etc. Unfortunately we hear them not just in media by some emotional anchors, but also in parliament and legislative bodies etc.

First of all, technically speaking, no one should take law into their hands including elected individual legislature members. This has no place in a civilized society. Punishment should be based on the law of the land and not based on mob histeria.

To show fast-track and quick justice to appease populist emotional sentiment, it may force investigators to shortcut and make mistakes. Also prone for some powerful culprits to escape by pushing others onto death gallows. Its a delicate balance for all such similar cases of crime between speed and fact-finding.

Judiciary should not be forced to make mistakes for populism. Ofcourse, pending a case for years with no-end also removes confidence for common people non their judicial system. Its a delicate balance.

Secondly, if the focus goes only on the punishment of culprits and people get satisfied by public hanging/lynching, the real issues which needs to be addressed for stopping repeat of such crimes will take back seat.

It is ofcourse very disturbing in such incidents and more so for that particular family and friends. They are fully justified in seeking some quick reaction during this emotional turmoil phase.

But, whether those guys are hanged or life imprisonment or even publicly lynched, it has no effect on the future repitition of such crimes.

While people may emotionally talk about public hanging, iam sure no sane person enjoys any life to be hanged in front of them. It is sadistic and shouldn’t be encouraged in any civil society.

IMHO, whats needed is different set of actions in the government and civil society taking such incidents as an inspiration to get out of lethargy for reforms. As far as punishment goes, it is upto the law of the land.

Please add any other suggestions. May be some of them are already in place by the police systems, hopefully the most appropriate items will be discussed and taken by the law enforcement officials as feasible.

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