Perceiving God

Today i heard a great story about a dialogue between Hanuman and Ramachandra from Indian epic(itihasa) Ramayana.

This story beautifully explains the relationship between Self and God.

Rama(considered as God by Hanuman) asks Hanuman (representing a devotee), “How do you perceive me as?”

Hanuman replies beautifully as:

Deha Buddhyatu Dasoham
Jiva Buddhya Tvadamsakah |
Atma Buddhya Tvamevaham
Iti me nishchita matih ||

“Oh Lord, while I identify myself with my body, I am your servant.

When I consider myself as Individual Soul, I am Your part.

But when I look upon myself as the Spirit, I am one with You.”

What a beautiful explanation by Hanuman!!👌🙏

I am glad to share this as one of my blissful journeys in search of truth at

I felt this dialogue beautifully puts in perspective the different schools of thought in Vedanta and perhaps even many other religions from around the world.

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  1. Some of you expressed that while the concept is appreciated, they were confused with difference between the words Soul and Spirit. I will try explain here :

    We can think of Soul as the ‘Jeeva’, as an individual who is occupying the body now(has been in different bodies earlier and will go on to occupying more in future) under the spell of Maya.

    Spirit is the ‘pure consciousness’, the true reality once we realise.


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