In pursuit of..

Whether it’s Mumbai, Shanghai, New York, Dhaka, Tokyo or any big city in the world, people are always in-hurry and on-the-run to make a living.

The amount of crowd or the commuting mode might change, but the crowded thoughts and mad rush inside each person’s head is perhaps similar.

With much “progress” of science and technology, sometimes i wonder whether people (not outliers) lived more peacefully and content in previous generation rather than the mad rush that got forced on them now without them even realising.

For many of them all this mad rush is just for basic survival. As humanity, have we lost track? Are we clear in our pursuit?

May be the new generation businesses need to develop some solutions that can give us back the humanness, the quality of life that it actually is expected to provide for the masses at large.

Before rushing to Mars, can we have solutions to improve quality of life for humans and make them content at their natural home, “Earth”.

Even if major parts of earth is destroyed by unethical leaders with nuclear arms, whats remaining may still be a better place than colonizing the Mars?

Where is your business plan Mr. Musk?

Random weekend thoughts.

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