Wishing you a blissful new year 2018

धर्मार्थी प्राप्नुयात धर्म
अर्थार्थी च अर्थ माप्नुयात |
कामानावाप्नुयात कामी
प्रजार्थि च आप्नुयात प्रजा ||

यतभावं तद्भवती

ధర్మార్థీ ప్రాప్నుయాద్ధర్మమ్

అర్థార్థీచార్థమాప్నుయాత్ |


ప్రజార్థీ చాప్నుయాత్ప్రజామ్ ||

యద్భావం తధ్బవతి

Dharmaarthii praapnuyaad-dharmam

Arthaarthii cha. arthamaapnuyaat |

Kaamaanava. apnuyaatkaamii

Prajaarthii cha-apnuyaat prajaah||

yad bhavam tad bhavathi

wish you all a very happy and blissful year by bringing you whatever that you seek in the year ahead

2 thoughts on “Wishing you a blissful new year 2018

Add yours

  1. Happy New Year 2018.
    May this year be the year of important things.
    May we only buy things that are important to us, and will remain important.
    May we find satisfaction in even the smallest of things and all the things that we do.
    May we only worry, fight and argue about important things.
    May the trivial reduce from our lives, and only things of substance remain.
    May we have mind bending conversations that helps us grow as individuals and creates mutual respect and admiration.
    May you find what you are looking for.


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