Recently there was a video message getting circulated on the social media about the plight of a rich business man in India after he gave away all his wealth to his son. He was lamenting on his miserable life with the ill treatment from his son and advising others to take precaution.

There are some related incidents from Indian scriptures and history. On one end is the

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Desire is not gratified by indulgence. On the other hand it increases like fire after a pouring of ghee over it. All the wealth in the world will not be sufficient to gratify the desire of one person. Knowing this, a wise man should control his mind.

– from The Life of Ramakrishna by Romain Rolland


We are not human beings going through a spiritual experience but that very Spirit going through a human experience.


మానవ శరీరమనే ఈ పాలకుండలో భక్తి అనే మజ్జిగ కలిపి, దానిని నిష్కామ కర్మ అనే కవ్వంతో చిలికి, జ్ఞానం అనే అగ్నితో మరిగించి నప్పుడు ఈ మాయ ఆవరించిన ఆత్మ అనే పాలలో నిగూఢమై అంతర్యామిగా ఉన్న నెయ్యి అనే బ్రహ్మ తత్వం మనకు స్పష్టంగా కనిపిస్తుంది.

Every story mythological or otherwise, including chats with friends and family, are prone for different interpretations by different people.

We interpret the same story  in our own way using our own individual filters of intellect, physical, cultural, Continue reading

There are so many debates in the world about idol worship and even wars are fought throughout the history.Those against idol worship feel compelling need to correct others even by using brute force.

At the crux of all religions, the form of God Continue reading

This world (universe or may be a multiverse) is all filled with the same cosmic energy whom some refer to as god. Everything here is nothing but a microcosm of the same all pervading eternal energy. When everything, all of us included, are nothing but same identical cosmic energy then the duality of Continue reading

As a student bachelor the young man lived in a place with different religious institutions and had friends from diverse beliefs. With a natural curiosity, he was determined to closely understand the beliefs and appreciate their meaning.

He first met a group of friends who called themselves messengers Continue reading

It was a peaceful and blissful Saturday morning. The young man had just woken up to the sounds of chirping birds sitting on top of a tree branch in front of his home. The early morning radiance and natural surroundings were beautiful and his heart filled with joy.

The young man was trying to soak in that moment of bliss with no other thought in his mind Continue reading

It was a blissful week. The young man met some of his friends after a long gap of 25 years. Time changes a lot of external appearances but not the friendships. It was great to relive some old moments again. Very rarely does time fly back.

While returning from the meet, he heard a beautiful song from old telugu movie Bhakta Prahlada, his all-time favorite aired at one of the temples. His thoughts delved into the interesting story of Prahlada from Srimad Bhagavatam, a Hindu scripture. While not as popular as Ramayana and Mahabharatha, this story of Prahlada summarized a beautiful vedantic thought and answered some fundamental questions Continue reading

Another pleasant day in the life of the young man. He was watching a show on Hindu epic ksheera sagara mathanam (churning of milk ocean). The show ends with Vishnu (as Mohini) distributing amritha deceivingly to only devas and depriving danavas of their hard earned treasure.

While the young man enjoyed the show, it brought smile on his face while contemplating Continue reading

Young man had another blissful day in the rhythmic cycle of life. He had shared understanding on a topic with his team. He smiled as he contemplated on the concept of understanding and perception.

It is often that more than the story or the narrative, the process of perception Continue reading

The young man was in a blissful state observing a small chirping bird working hard with its beak on a window perhaps imagining the image on the window to be another bird, or trying to break the glass to get into the room in anticipation of Continue reading

It was another beautiful day in the rhythmic cycle of life for the young man. He got an opportunity to meet with few of his friends and had a wonderful time.

While coming back in the car, he noticed a poster of a festival where Siva and Parvathy are portrayed in ardhanaareeswara(half male half female) Continue reading

The young man was in a blissful state. It was another beautiful day in the cycle of life. He was reflecting on a loving memory of a child he observed recently.

During a recent festival in India, his friend brought home a kite to fly. His young son was not convinced that a paper that too pasted with sticks can fly in the air. The child remembered Continue reading

Rama and Leadership

Looking at this picture, makes my heart blissful.

A perfect demonstration of leadership qualities.

This picture denotes the very essence of Rama rajya and the inner meaning of dharma.

Ramo vigrahavan dharmaha.
रामो विग्रहवान् धर्म:।

There are individuals who are human faced, monkey faced, lion faced, donkey faced, parrot faced, rakshasas, asuras, rishis, deva, the most strongest (both in physic and wisdom) of beings sitting at the feet as a humble servant, people worthy of being kings ready to serve, people who can’t leave their egos showing off etc, all coming together harmoniously with each other to be with Rama.

Lord Rama as their leader, mentor, guide showing no difference based on any of these superficial attributes.

Rama has equanimity understanding the different nature and needs of each in their current form.

Rama is ensuring all having good time and harmony living together and proceed in each of their journeys of realization and blissful living.

No wonder that even after so many millennia, people still talk in awe when they refer to Ramarajya, the leadership of Rama.

A perfect demonstration of leadership.

రమింప చేయునది ఆ రామ నామము

రామ నామము రామ నామము

రమ్య మైనది రామ నామము

రోమ రోమము రోమ రోమము

నిండి ఉన్నది రామ నామము

Ramimpa cheyunadi Aa Rama namamu

Rama namamu Rama namamu
Ramya mainadi Rama namamu
Roma romamu Roma romamu
Nindi unnadi rama namamu

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