It was another beautiful day in the rhythmic cycle of life for the young man. He got an opportunity to meet with few of his friends and had a wonderful time.

While coming back in the car, he noticed a poster of a festival where Siva and Parvathy are portrayed in ardhanaareeswara(half male half female) form.

In many conversations with friends these days, there typically are discussions on jokes about wives and husbands. Many heated debate and arguments in television are heard from so called feminist supporters and those who oppose it.

Young man smiled as he contemplated on the aspect of gender and the significance of ardhanaaareeswara.

Siva as ardhanaaareeswara represent the manifestation of the omnipotent cosmic energy and the vishwa, which in essence is divided into half in the masculine and half in the feminine form. It is not restricted to human species but across the nature.

This entire universe (multiverses?) is an aspect of the omnipresent and omnipotent pure consciousness, the formless Brahman, which each of us are identified with and part of.

The young man smiled as he realized that both the masculine and feminine aspects are one and the same. All the discussion and debate seem futile once we peel the superficial layers since each is the identical pure consciousness personified. Young man was blissful and ready to proceed on the life journey.

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