The young man was in a blissful state observing a small chirping bird working hard with its beak on a window perhaps imagining the image on the window to be another bird, or trying to break the glass to get into the room in anticipation of different experience.

He smiled as he contemplated on the aspect of action. Concept of action is very much intertwined with the concept of time. Time itself is a concept of rhythmic cycles whether it is the quartz crystal oscillator or the solar calendar or the lifecycle of galaxy. These cycles will only help us perceive the time which in itself is not an absolute phenomenon.

This concept of time tells us that every action has reaction.. Some of the actions have immediate reactions and others a little later. These are typically experienced as past actions that are yet to show their reaction (Sanchita), experienced at the moment (Prarabda), future reactions including the response from our current actions (Agami).

However each of us are chidananda rupa, the pure consciousness that is beyond the definitions, boundaries and cycles of time. So these definitions of past, present and future will only impact as long as we define ourselves by such definitions.

The moment we realise the truth of pure consciousness, all the future reactions of the past actions(Sanchita) lose their relevance and are destroyed.

We are no longer impacted by the current actions(Agami) since the actions are not done with any result as motive; hence the reaction lacks its meaning.

Only reactions we will be left with are the ones that have come to fruition in the present(Prarabda) as the pure consciousness settles into our understanding.

Sivoham is not a state but a fact that is always true for everyone. Each one of us are the same Chidananda rupa, part of and one with Brahman. It is only our conditioning which makes us think otherwise and something to aspire as a state.

Acceptance of this fact as simple as it sounds is the most hardest because of the four facets of our mental being. During this stage, it helps one to internalize this simple fact by following several steps whether of Bhakti, Karma, Yoga, Gnana under the tutelage of a guru or guide.

Once we realise this ever pure consciousness aspect of ourselves, we realise that we are not the manas, chitta, buddhi and ahamkara and the rest of the physical body. It is not that they disappear but one will identify themselves with the true identity of pure consciousness (Chidananda rupa).

One will continue to do the actions per the laws of nature without having any expectations and hence one is not impacted by its results and is always in a  state of bliss.

The young man had a smile on his face and ready to go with what nature had in store for his presence in this physical form.


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