Young man had another blissful day in the rhythmic cycle of life. He had shared understanding on a topic with his team. He smiled as he contemplated on the concept of understanding and perception.

It is often that more than the story or the narrative, the process of perception becomes the most important. Irrespective of what has been written or told it is the individual who perceives and understands based on one’s conditioning.

The conditioning is not a factor of age, form, caste, creed or such. It is purely individual state though some of these factors make us feel otherwise.

Dispassion is not same as compassion.
Sanyasa is not same as leaving samsara.

Our perception depends on the four facets of the mind- manas(I/o processor) , chitta(memory), buddhi(rules engine/expert system) and ahamkara(the feeling). It is no different from the AI systems we build as engineers in our technology labs. Everything that is around and surrounding us is perceived through this mechanism using physical body as a medium.

As each take our journey, there will be a point where we realize that we are none of the physical or mental faculty that we are conditioned to believe.

Incidentally, it is our actions and reactions which feed the memory to the rules engine and to the feelings into an infinite loop.

When we break the loop, we see that the true self was beyond all of it and is nothing but a pure consciousness and in state of bliss.

Mano buddhy ahamkara chittani naham
Chidananda rupa shivoham shivoham

Young man got out of his contemplation with a smile and was blissful to go through another rhythmic cycle of the physical world.

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