This world (universe or may be a multiverse) is all filled with the same cosmic energy whom some refer to as god. Everything here is nothing but a microcosm of the same all pervading eternal energy. When everything, all of us included, are nothing but same identical cosmic energy then the duality of good and bad is intriguing.

In reality, each and everything must be attributeless. It is our conditioned perception that must be making some look good and others bad. World as we percieve and in fact each of us are nothing but a reflection of our own state of being viewed from the reality of our thinking process. There is nothing but oneness in this world.

If we feel beautiful inside, the same world all of a sudden starts to look beautiful and vice versa. That is the reason a saint or a peasant even living in a Hermitage with no material comforts seems very happy while a rich landlord with lots of comfort around him may not be as happy. As we all know when the peasant is exposed to the same material comforts, he/she may start to feel unhappiness since the thinking about self has changed. Nothing else outside. So what you perceive outside is nothing but a reflection of what is driving you inside.

A realized soul see no difference between good and bad but identifies with everything since there is nothing that is different from self. In fact “you” donot exist when you realized the true nature of the cosmic world. When there is nothing else but “I”dentical, the duality of good and bad cease to exist and the soul is forever in blissful state.

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