Vishnu means omnipresent. Eswara means omnipotent. These are two attributes of the same nirguna brahma, the cosmic energy.

The learned pundits quickly tell us that praying to Vishnu would lead to renunciation. Similarly praying to Eswara/Siva with energy and wealth.

Some others argue and equate Vishnu with wealth and Siva with sanyasa. This is based on the appearance of these god forms.

Now let’s try and understand this more logically.

When we focus on the aspect of omnipresence(Vishnu) we realize and identify with everything and everyone identically. When someone identifies with everything it looks like renunciation to others if they themselves are not self-aware.

When we focus on the omnipotence aspect (Eswara), we receive the ultimate energy, the primordial force behind this cosmic world.

In mythology, we learn that asuras mostly worship Eswara. They were in awe of and focused on getting the material power and hence were generally drawn to the omnipotent aspect.

But we also find several realized saints and godheads who prayed to Eswara to get moksha, the ultimate bliss.

Siva/Eswara and Vishnu are not two different competing Gods but two different attributes of the same attributeless cosmic energy.

They are nothing but ONE. So are all of us.

They are different attributes of the same Brahman which is all pervading – including all of us as well.

This same cosmic energy lives within each of us and where each of us live in.

It is both the microcosm and the macrocosm of this cosmic Brahman.

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