Every story mythological or otherwise, including chats with friends and family, are prone for different interpretations by different people.

We interpret the same story  in our own way using our own individual filters of intellect, physical, cultural, experiences, ethos and several other factors. Hence irrespective of a lot of debate one may not exactly see the point of view of another gentleman. This is also applicable to the ultimate reality of this cosmic world.

Our interpretation filters are fine tuned every moment based on our physical, mental and spiritual surroundings. Our interpretation of text/dialog tells us not so much about content but reflects mostly our state of mind at that moment.

Association with learned persons/guru and good friends is a good way to improvise our understanding.

Satsangatvame nissangatvam.
Nissangatvame nirmohatvam.
Nirmohatvame nirguna prema.
Nirgunapreme nischalatatvam.
Nischalatatvame nirvikalpam.

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