Debating India..

India has always been known from ancient times to have lively debates and discussions having

respect for different points of view on topics across the board. That’s the main reason why the Sanatana Dharma of this land has never had the trouble unlike many others around the world over this time period.

Indian scriptures are known for the knowledge debates of impersonal nature involving people with different views and backgrounds with the likes of Yajnavalkya, Gargi, Satyakama Jabala, Viswamitra, Vasista, Nachiketa among others.

One interesting aspect of India has been that people even from ancient times never took any theories for granted, especially in the spiritual discussions.

India and its scriptures could hold and withhold many onslaughts on its core philosophy over the millennia by internal and external forces.

One of the main reasons is that these scriptures were debated over the centuries by some of the very knowledgeable persons from Sankara to Vivekananda even in recent times.

They were debated and accepted only when satisfied with the answers.

Rarely do you find a “Thou shall” attitude in the Indian scriptures.

Whenever a new philosophical or religious concept was brought in, Indians never found it to be of earth shattering special appeal or innovative eye-openers. Sanatana Dharma always prevailed over the other points of view if it is done on an intellectual debate.

Except for a small set of intellectuals during initial stages, mass conversion happened only during times when other views were forced or state-sponsored.

The main reason is that intellectual debates and discussions over the millennia had it all covered from several angles.

These seemingly new religious concepts for the rest of the world were nothing but one more way of looking at the all-encompassing universal truth discussed in their scriptures.

So everything found a place in the bosom of this great land and enriching the knowledge and lives over the generations.

Let the spirit of intellectual debates flourish. It is the lack of such debates, when the Dharma faces challenges and becomes a blind faith leading to being rotten and ultimate death.

History is already a witness to such incidents. India and its philosophy has been fortunate to have lively debates started whenever it faced challenges as evidenced by the debates of Sankara or Vivekanada to restore back its glory.

Lets not underestimate the different points of view leading to better spiritual understanding.

Power of discretion and wisdom are very important.

Let the rivers of knowledge from all directions flow into this vast ocean and in-turn become blissful for all.

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