Recently in a discussion, CxO of a large corporation mentioned, “The most powerful communication is what we see, not what we hear. ”

I told him, “All the five senses only make sense if the parties responsible for communication are ‘sensible’ 🙂

Certainly seeing or hearing ourselves is much better than hearing from others.

However, our own eyes and ears can also be deceiving. Not just eyes and ears, all our sensory perception is often limiting and misleading.

The important thing is what is understood than the mode/channel of communication.

All the five senses only make sense if the persons responsible for communication are ‘sensible’ 😃

Even the same book or movie appeals differently to different people in the audience.

Much of it finally boils down to our individual personalities, experiences, values, ethics and wisdom. The kind of mental filters that are applied to interpret the sensory information.

Mostly what we understand from the sensory information is based on how that information is processed using the filters – the mind (mano) , intellect (buddhi), memory(chittha) and ego(ahamkara).

We need to improve our personalities if we were to truly improve on this aspect of communication and understanding.

We need the power of Viveka and Vichakshna Shakti (descrimation knowledge) for this better understanding and that can be achieved through the Guru, or at least satsangatva(good companions and sadhana(good work).

We need to work on our “inside” if we were to be able to understand the “outside” better.

Perhaps these concepts also become important as the world starts to develop Artificial Intelligence systems to augment our sensory perception?

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