Going green..

Recently in a discussion there was a beautiful song rendered by an artist urging people to save trees. Most of the appreciation from adults in the audience focused on the voice of the singer and the content was lost to despair.

I think one of the best way to get awareness to saving trees is

to make children plant them at their homes. As a true personal experience rather than part of some big campaign in a big open ground.

I did the same with my children at home and now when the plant grew right in front of them, the sense of life in the plant has set in with real meaning. The boundless joy i see in their face as the seed grew into a plant and tree. I think they are true believers today.

Adults in the political green awareness campaigns do it mainly as propaganda rather than self belief because their age many times don’t suit the sensuality with which you should approach this topic. Childhood is perhaps the best stage.

Once you feel it with your heart, it stays forever. Also it develops the sense of gratitude for the food we eat rather than thinking of it as a commodity bought for few rupees or dollars. Good for health and overall well-being.

Speaking of food and gratitude, iam reminded of the chapter from one of my all-time favorite books “The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran”.

Would that you could live on the fragrance of theearth, and like an air plant be sustained by the light. But since you must kill to eat, and rob the young of its mother’s milk to quench your thirst, let it then be an act of worship,


And let your board stand an altar on which the pure and the innocent of forest and plain are sacrificed for that which is purer and still more innocent in many.

When you kill a beast say to him in your heart,

“By the same power that slays you, I to am slain; and I too shall be consumed.
For the law that delivered you into my hand shall deliver me into a mightier hand.

Your blood and my blood is naught but the sap that feeds the tree of heaven.”

And when you crush an apple with your teeth, say to it in your heart,

“Your seeds shall live in my body,

And the buds of your tomorrow shall blossom in my heart,

And your fragrance shall be my breath,

And together we shall rejoice through all the seasons.”

And in the autumn, when you gather the grapes of your vineyard for the winepress, say in you heart,

“I to am a vineyard, and my fruit shall be gathered for the winepress,

And like new wine I shall be kept in eternal vessels.”

And in winter, when you draw the wine, let there be in your heart a song for each cup;

And let there be in the song a remembrance for the autumn days, and for the vineyard, and for the winepress.


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