Global Markets and Global Family

Interestingly while humans lived and identified themselves as citizens of their nations or kingdoms for a long time, passports became widespread only in the last century.

It is my personal belief that whole world is one single family, described in a beautiful expression “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam” in ancient Indian scriptures. Rapidly evolving world order with the aid of technology is bringing all of us in different parts of the world together.

This globalisation will fuel the global economy and is expected to grow at rapid pace. But we need to be careful about not just creating global markets but a true global family. Focusing only on developing global markets without the right perspectives will create more divisions and wars. Nations look at each other only as a means to increase their own wealth and prosperity even at the cost of other nations.

We need to develop ethics, compassion and good governance mechanisms. Lack of ethics and compassion is leading to a lot more of ideological wars. While it is true that these wars have been happening for more than 2500 years, the advancements in technology has made them more deadlier and perhaps can even extinguish humans from the face of earth.

Ideally we would like to see the entire humanity(including ecosystem) as a single global family. Practically there are going to be different needs based on different local conditions of living.

Instead of aspiring for the theoretical egalitarianism (sama-samaj), we should learn to develop societies of harmonious-coexistence(sahajeevana-samaj). It is almost impossible to create forced-equality society whether based on social or religious ideologies since there are natural physical differences in the world. We have seen many recent examples of such attempts to create egalitarian societies failed both at social and religious levels and causing a lot of trouble in the society.

Development of both intra and inter peaceful-coexistence of societies will lead to improved ethics and compassion which in turn will lead us to the altruistic egalitarianism in the meta-physical realm.

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