Artificial Intelligence: Are humans doomed?

Evolution and change is constant and what happens to the human species will only be known with time.

Indeed we humans are a small blip in the large scheme of evolution and still giving ourselves far too much credit and importance in this world and will perhaps even trigger our own demise.

One thing for certain is that artificial intelligence systems will evolve and humans will be mostly wired and augmented with intelligent systems.

This leads to my only worry and major concern as part of this human species.

In future majority of humans may be added to ‘the list of domesticated animals’ providing the necessary things either for a small minority of super intelligent humans or AI powered robots. Imagine human farms in the similar lines of cattle farms we have today. A small few hopefully will escape the irony and live freely in “wilderness”.

Iam not talking about singularity here which I believe is either way too much into the future or a theoretical construct which we may never realize.

However we are referring to the idea of world coming into the hands of select few super intelligent humans controlling the mass human farms. yes, it is disturbing but may become a reality very soon.

Hopefully human ethics will come to fore and with proper governance mechanisms we can at least prolong the situation to a much longer time into the future.

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