Food and Healthcare..Future Past

Personally i think groceries, food and healthcare got to be localized to a great extent in the world. It not only improves the overall health of citizens but also reduces unnecessary carbon footprint.

By no means i am advocating to become cavemen. Obviously we need logistics developed for greater human development and technology is a great enabler. Global trade is an important item and will be even more accelerated in near future.

I think the human settlements post nomadic-age are mostly self sufficient. People lived in those places for millennia before we invented modern day import export systems. There could be some regions with man-made or natural calamities where we may have to temporarily supply food from other places. Hopefully sourced from closer neighborhoods.

With globalization we already see many of the local foods disappearing and store shelves filled with imported food items from far away places. I can understand if it is in smaller and controlled quantities to meet some specific needs but not at the cost of locally grown crops. It not only causes ecological imbalances but also may not be the best diet for the environmental conditions of the region.


Globalized healthcare initiatives without proper consideration of the local environmental, dietary and genetic conditions are more troublesome than beneficial in the world.

With AI based healthcare systems in near future, we need more rules with localized knowledge developed. Hopefully the well developed AI systems will learn themselves properly making them tuned for local needs.

Looking forward to AI systems replacing medical professionals to a large extent soon. They may not only be accurate by eliminating human error but will also be able to quickly learn and adapt the local conditions.

In healthcare, we need to go from globalization-to-localisation-to-personalization. One of the evil effects of last few decades of rapid healthcare development is that it effectively killed personalized care of family physicians. We need it back. Perhaps this time it will be AI systems using personal DNA and local knowledge base.

Perhaps this time it will be AI systems using personal DNA and local knowledge base.

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