The young man was in a blissful state. It was another beautiful day in the cycle of life. He was reflecting on a loving memory of a child he observed recently.

During a recent festival in India, his friend brought home a kite to fly. His young son was not convinced that a paper that too pasted with sticks can fly in the air. The child remembered that when he tossed sticks into the air recently, they just dropped down without flying high. He even tried his luck tossing up this new thing called kite but even this did not fly.

So when his father tried to explain that the kite can be made to go up into the sky, he was not at all convinced and thought his father was talking humbug.

His father took him to the roof top, and they started preparation to fly this kite. Son was all the time complaining that his dad was wasting his time. He would rather go and play with his other toys, though it is his dream to see some thing fly into the sky some day.

Father patiently started to make holes and tie the thread. His son looked puzzled and amused at his dad’s foolishness. He did not understand how a elderly person like his dad can be so foolish. He even tried to educate his dad about the idea of gravitation that his science teacher explained to him at school.

His father smiled and continued his work. The child was neither ready to understand concepts of lift, drag and thrust nor he wanted to learn them from his father. In his mind only his science teacher in the school knows these kinds of things.

Father and son now prepared their kite. Father started flying the kite using the skills he learnt as a child. The son now looked at the flying kite in amazement and jumped with joy as his dream come true.

The child was now convinced that his father was correct from the beginning but it was his own limited knowledge of the science that stopped him from understanding the same.

He learnt that there are so many things that are factual and correct in this world. Just because of his lack of awareness at this stage of learning do not make the concepts incorrect.

He needed to work, experiment and learn just like he needed to put the holes and tie the thread correctly to the kite before it can fly. He understood that there is so much more to learn and discover.

After having a wonderful time flying the kite, they both got down to the living room. Father switched on the TV to watch.

A debate of some intellectuals was being aired on the TV about how they definitely know that the vedic science is humbug. At the same time, he also heard his child talking to his friends in another corner of the room. Child was explaining with great pride that he discovered that kites actually fly even though they all learnt the concept of gravity in the school last week.

Young man blissfully smiled both at the TV and the child in a loving manner.

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