Wanted! Ethics trainers for Presidents and Prime Ministers. Welcome to the world of Artificial Intelligence!!

Well, the utopian AI that can replace human intellect and wisdom is long way to go. err..atleast not until my great great grandchildren are going to be around perhaps 😃

But certainly, portions of AI will be more pronounced in the near

future. Both for human-aid and likely for human distruction in warfare as well.

Drones and Guided missiles powered by portions of AI tech are already a reality. More advanced AI powered weaponry by rouge nations can’t be ruled out. Certainly a wake-up call for the world leaders to be cautious and create GOVERNANCE mechanisms in its application.

On the other hand, portions of AI can come in human-aid in several areas. Democratization of healthcare, education, employment, construction, public safety, civic amenities to removing the mine-fields created by rouge war-hungry leaders.

World has a choice. AI is NOT the Problem and should develop for the greater good. What the world needs is development of ethics and wisdom in the world’s political leadership for its proper use.

Wanted! Ethics trainers to teach presidents and prime ministers and top leaders of the nations. 😄

Are you applying?

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