FOOD for Thought

A report shared this morning mentioned that

“since independence everything has grown exponentially, except agriculture. Shows reforms have eluded a crucial sector most people live on.

Indian progress

It is natural to correlate the data to the effects of industrialization and urbanization post independent India and with recent emergence of the service economy.

However, it will be interesting to see whether there is any net effect increase in the utilization of agriculture production with the advent of improved warehouses and logistics.

So unfortunately while the production is not exponential, has the scale of utilization improving?

Also it will be good to show the effect of globalization and lifestyle changes on farming and food crop production.

From personal experience, during dinner time my parents who grew up in 1940’s and 1950’s in Indian villages mention about the grains and pulses that were locally grown in their village. Most of the new generation has not even heard of those names forget consuming them. Not sure they are even being farmed. Much of these crops which were once suited to the local conditions are being replaced.

Gandhi’s dream of Grama Swarajya would have made a difference?

Some FOOD for thought.

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