3E’s and the new world order

The 3E’s that we should be careful in this century.

They may come as a traumatic shock or aid the next phase of growth for humanity.


Early part of this century experienced rapid growth in global trade as flat-world. Technology made it a level playing field.

The latter part of this century will see a progress of different kind.

With AI and other high-technology coupled with low wages, humans will experience leveling the quality of life in developed and developing countries.

It may also bring major economic strain in the world in the process.


Ecological upheavals that respect no political boundaries will be another challenge facing humanity.


Lack of visionary leaders (political, business and technology) with ethics, empathy and an ability to see the common good.

Hopefully the world leaders realize soon that unless we rise above our narrow self interests, we endanger all of humanity and we may all perish.

Does it mean human race does not survive? The answer perhaps is NO, not so soon. We are a relatively new species and perhaps one of the most well developed in that. But we need to find key for survival.

What are your thoughts?

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