At the time Internal Combustion engine was invented about a century ago, there was a good use of electric cars. It is interesting to note that about 1/3 of all cars (though a small number) sold in USA were supposedly electric.

But Mr. Benz and Mr. Ford shaped the automobile industry with gasoline powered IC engines, and it all changed since then. In the past century automobile has become an essential daily use machine. But now people love to hate its technology because of pollution, choice of fuel among others.

Now a century later, we have come a full circle.

World is again looking for electric cars.

Now comes the curious thought.

If the world indeed succeeds in replacing the entire gasoline powered ICEngine automobiles with better electric cars in the next century,

1. Does the next generation look at the 20th century as a dark age in automotive industry for its use and promotion of wrong technology?

2. Mr Benz and Mr Ford will no longer be the technology heroes they are now considered to be?

3. Will they be replaced with the likes of Mr. Musk, Mr Eberhard and Mr. Tarpening.

What do you think?

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