Artificial Intelligence

Over the past three decades we have seen different aspects of this elusive intelligence — neural networks, adaptive learning, fuzzy logic, expert systems, machine learning, deep learning, computer vision, pattern recognition, speech and speaker recognition etc etc.

While we made some progress in several of these technologies, the idea of utopian Artificial intelligence to rival humans goes much beyond.

Concepts of human intelligence, insight, wisdom from the cognitive, biological, anthropological and social perspective have to be understood correctly for Utopian artificial intelligence.

While there are many concerns on the catastrophic aspects of AI, we have not even barely scratched the surface. It may bring revolutionary changes in the businesses, employment and perhaps lifestyles around the now deeply connected world.

The ecosystem is coming together and finally we may realize some benefits of such wonderful science albeit in pieces to start with. We need to ensure it is clubbed with ethics and broader human values at this stage to guide the future progress towards useful outcomes. It calls for why such sciences need to be taught alongside philosophy to put it in perspective.

But thinking it as catastrophic right now is perhaps a little far fetched except parts of this when deployed in the war by rogue nations. this is where good governance mechanisms need to be evolved.

We need some radical approach. Perhaps we find answers in esoteric philosophy if we are willing with an open mind to collaborate, study and apply it for scientific purposes. Till then, while we will certainly make steady progress towards using AI systems to solve specific problems, the true Artificial Intelligence will evade us.

To understand science behind life, we need to put some life behind science.

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