Infosys saga..

These days the events at Infosys have become an interest for most of the business world, or at least in India.

This morning one of my friends sent a message with a funny take based on Hindu Puranas1.

Naradmuni2 was asked “What is wrong with Infosys? “He just smiled and said “Narayan2…..Narayan..”.

Another friend replied

“Yes Narayan is everywhere in the Vishal2 Infosys 😊 “.

I just smiled and told them that

Naradamuni always says “Narayan Narayan” even at Badri Vishal. However, heard many others chanting Namo ‘Venkatesan’ recently. Today there is a louder chanting of ‘Nandan2 ‘a ‘Nandan’a krishna2 gopika pathe..

With Seshasaayee2 at the helm as the drama unfolds, the omnipresent Vishnu2 may be smiling from the conscience of each of the players involved in the drama. He knows that there is time and place for every truth to be out in due course.

If you are a player in that drama, impacted in some capacity, or think you can do something about it, then obviously it becomes your duty to be involved. For all others, it helps as a good way to kill time4 if you are bored or at tea-break / water-cooler.

All the players involved on both sides of this event are highly respected mature professionals (i was fortunate to briefly interact with some of them over the course of my professional life, though a while ago). They have the wisdom and know their duties, rights and consequences of their actions. I am sure their conscience along with the law-of-the-land will take care of things in due course of time. Till then for the rest of the world it is time to continue doing our duty.

1Puranas are Hindu religious texts

2For those of you who are not aware of Hindu Puranas and literature – Venkatesan, Badri Vishal, Nandana Nandana Krishna, Seshasaayee are all different avatars/forms of omnipresent Vishnu. Seshasaayee is a form of omnipresent lord (Vishnu) resting in a blissful cosmic pose on the serpant Ananta. Narada is the most famous devotee of Vishnu.

4thats me right now 🙂

PC: Google Images

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