Innovative Independent India

Last decade was the decade of Innovation networks and ecosystem. Many of us had published articles

and spoke at conferences on this topic. I personally feel the theme continues to be an important one going into the near future as well.

Simply the world can’t ignore the need to collaborate to create a better future for the next generations. Obviously there will be tactical geopolitical challenges that each country including India has to address to care for the local population needs. Also some genuine localized innovations may not need cross border networks necessarily. The challenge as we all know will be to put the right patent processes and business models to benefit the world as a whole and not necessarily just the select few with new Innovations.

With the world moving more and more towards virtualized, pay-as-you-go models I think common business sense will drive the innovation networks in place whether the term is used explicit or otherwise.

India always believed in the concept of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam, a global family and not just limited to a global market place, so apt to talk about networks on such an august occasion.

On this august occasion, i wish the day ignites innovations that help the world at large, instills independence from greed and jealousy, bringing wisdom and bliss into our lives.

Wishing all fellow Indians a blissful Independence Day.


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