Whether it’s every day life or in business (nothing but part of life), isn’t it important that we develop skills of ethics, empathy and compassion along with the technical skills for ourselves and employees?

It goes a long way in improving the very important cultural traits for all organizations. To name a few:

  • Teamwork: Collaboration and building partnerships have increasingly become important business skills in this era of ecosystem driven business growth.
  • Customer Insights: Indirectly helps build customer advocacy and improves in customer and employee satisfaction.
  • Better Brand: Socially aware and responsible organizations also command better brand positioning.
  • Foster Innovation: Higher chances of innovations and crowd sourcing of ideas become a reality.
  • Market Value: Building ethics and integrity in the employees leads to improved investor confidence so very much lacking in major global organizations today.

Improving these skills in the organizations is a good return on the investment and will indeed gives back to the organization and ecosystem in a better manner.

ps: the video looks obviously scripted at times, but conveys the message beautifully.

Credits: Received this video in a social network. Credits belong to the original owner of this beautiful video.

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