#PDA #smartphone #1990s #siliconvalley #palmpilot #alexa #google #siri #cortana #ebiz #cisco #sgi #sdlc #waterfall #agile

Reminiscing while speaking to a group of app developers.. Those 1990s were an interesting period.

  • Advent of www in our lives. Excitement of developing e-biz apps and the dotcom era.
  • Bashing water-falls to develop own agile processes, crashing the networks and clashing with Infosec to go-live.
  • Working on developing Apps for the PDA – dont get any other thoughts here 🙂 we are talking about Personal Digital Assistants way before today’s sophisticated Siri, Cortana, Alexa and Google Assistants.
  • The days of Simon, Newton, Palm Pilots- for those uninitiated these were Neanderthals to the modern iPhones and Androids 🙂

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